Frequently Asked Questions about the T-Weeder

The T-Weeder can remove just about any weed that a person is able to easily pull out with one hand. The T-Weeder works best if the weeds are long, for example 12" or more. If you have real wispy weeds, like lake grass which is typically rather short, the T-Weeder will likely not be able to grip and uproot it. Also, if the weeds are very sturdy and well rooted, like Cattails, Lilly Pads (Water Lilies) and some other reed type weeds and Bullrushes, the T-Weeder will probably not be very effective in their removal. Here is a list of some of the weeds customers reported having success removing: Eurasian Water Milfoil, Hydrilla, Curly Leaf Pondweed, Parrot Feather, Coontail, Elodea, Bladderwort, Horned Pondweed, Leafy Pondweed, Wild Celery (eelgrass) Floating Leaf Pondweed, Clasping Leaf Pondweed and Smartweed.

Customers use the T-Weeder to clear aquatic weeds from their swimming area and beach, around the dock, fishing areas, boat lift (keep weeds from getting tangled in your propeller) …anywhere on your waterfront or shore line regardless whether it is a lake, river, stream, pond, swamp or any other body of water.

The T-Weeder is affordable, efficient and effective. It really works, and hauls in the weeds in a single effort... no need to go out and retrieve them like you do when using a weed cutting device. The T-Weeder can reach 29' from where ever the user is standing, unlike mechanized systems that maybe reach 20-30' from their anchor point only! The T-Weeder is 100% made in the USA, as are all of its materials! If your goal is to remove, eliminate, eradicate, kill, control and extinguish annoying aquatic weeds, the T-Weeder may be your best solution!

I’ve looked at Department of Natural Resources laws from several states and Minnesota seems to be among the most strict in regulating aquatic weed removal. The Minnesota DNR allows a maximum of 2500 square feet of submersed aquatic weed removal without a permit if done by manual means, such as with a T-Weeder. If you use a mechanical or motorized device or chemicals in MN a permit is required even though the coverage area may be less than 2500 SF. Please check your local regulations to ensure you are in compliance. More detailed information for the State of Minnesota may be found at the DNR website.

Yes. Give the T-Weeder a try and if it doesn't work better than any other aquatic weed removal tool you've ever used let me know within 30 days. I will send you information on how you can return it for a refund (minus shipping costs both ways). Please make sure you read the FAQ on the types of weeds the T-Weeder is and is not effective against to avoid being disappointed. There cannot be any signs of damage, significant use, or abuse in order to receive a full refund.

No, but if you use it in accordance with the recommendations, it will last you a very long time. The T-Weeder is built sturdy for a lifetime of use, but if misused or abused, parts could be bent or broken. As the instructions state: If you have a heavy load of weeds on, pull the handle straight up. Don't lift the load "shovel style" or use the edge of the dock for leverage to pry the load up... you will likely bend the handle. If the T-Weeder gets stuck on an underwater stump, rock, or other solid object, you must wade out or take a boat to pull it back the other way. If you pull too hard you could bend the handle. I've hauled 100's of pounds of sea weed out with my original T-Weeder and it still works like new. Just use common sense.

Yes. Any piece can be easily replaced and at a very reasonable cost, plus shipping. Just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sure. You can buy a swim noodle at many stores for under $5.00. Make sure it is at least 7 3/4" around and has a hollow center. If it is not at least that size, it won't be buoyant enough to float the T-Weeder head. Just cut it 36" long, then slice it straight and even down its length. Using a sharp utility knife works best. Then cup it over the head of the T-Weeder and secure it with (4) 11" long zip-ties and you’re set to go. Using the Floatation Attachment helps gather weeds, algae or debris that may be floating on the surface.

The same person who invented it, Tim. Occasionally when things get really busy Tim will enlist the help of his wife and teenage son for assembly. The metal fabrication work on the T-Head is done at a local machine shop. After trying several commercially available products such as weed cutters, lake rakes and chemicals, nothing worked as was hoped with controlling the weeds. After some experimentation, trial and error, and several revisions, the design of the current T-Weeder was developed. And... just read the testimonials. The customers love it!

You can purchase a T-Weeder using your credit card or PayPal account. You can also pay using a check or money order, but you first need to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for mailing instructions. Visit the Order Here Page for all payment options.

T-Weeder Tool Throwing Motion
T-Weeder Tool Throwing Motion
T-Weeder Tool Throwing Motion