Introducing the T-Weeder2

If you find your lake bottom infested with a thick blanket of a moss type weed, it could be the result of a few different varieties of aquatic plants.
If the plant doesn’t have a stem that grows up toward the surface from the bottom, the original T-Weeder will have limited success in entirely removing this type of infestation. For this reason, I developed the T-Weeder2.
The T-Weeder2 is unique in that it is slightly heavier than the original T-Weeder, and has long metal tines. Once thrown out into the area where the blanket of weeds lays, the long tines will penetrate down into the moss bed. Just pull the T-Weeder2 in to shore with the attached rope, and the weeds will be dragged in with it. Since this type of weed typically has no substantial root system, they pull in easily. Just lift the T-Weeder2 up, and it's ready for another toss.
Don't let this blanket of weeds remain on your lake bottom where they will eventually die and decompose, creating a layer of muck that is no fun to swim in and provides an ideal environment for more weeds to grow.
The T-Weeder2 is also ideal for keeping your lake bottom clean of debris by regularly "raking" it through the sand. This can be done by hand, or by pulling the T-Weeder2 behind a boat or Jet-Ski.